Modern Quarter DDO’s, No Longer Just Doubled Ears

For years, the advice for searching ATB quarters for doubled die obverses was simply, “Just look at the ear.”

Hindsight is 20/20, but this advice sure seems inaccurate with the recent explosion of new ATB quarter DDOs.

Since 2018-P 25¢ MI CRDO-001 was first confirmed by John Wexler in early 2018, a total of 6 ATB quarter dies were discovered with extra thickness and distortion on IN GOD WE TRUST. The major ones also have the same thickness and distortion on QUARTER DOLLAR and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The strength of these DDOs ranges from the very minor 2010-P 25¢ OR CRDO-001 to the very strong 2019-P 25¢ NMI CRDO-001.

The 2019-P 25¢ NMI CRDO-001 will be fairly high on the list of the strongest doubled dies of the single-squeeze era. It is, arguably, the strongest US doubled die since the 2015 Lincoln Cent DDOs in terms of spread and how much of the design is affected.

Aside from the ATB DDOs, a 2004-S Proof MI quarter with extremely strong extra thickness on all lettering (DDO-001) was discovered sometime in the past year. It received little fanfare. A 1999-S Proof PA quarter with a major spread on much of the obverse was also discovered back in 2014 (DDO-001). Neither are currently listed on CRDieVarieties.

With the lack of a Minnesota or Homestead-like DDR frenzy, these new discoveries bring much needed excitement to searching quarters.